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Trident X1 Snowbike Fork Shock


Allow Mr. Snowbiker to use the stock forks to Go Big and not end up Going Home! (or possibly to the ER...)

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Company Description

Zbroz (short for Zollinger Brothers) is comprised of 4 brothers: Lance, Ryan, Anthony and Nathan. Zbroz Racing specializes in the niche market of snowmobile shocks, ATV shocks, and UTV Shocks. Zbroz Racing was formed in 1998 as we started racing modified snowmobiles professionally on the Rocky Mountain snowmobile hill climb circuit. Our quest to be the very best began as we looked to dominate in modified classes. We quickly realized everyone was fast, but unable to reach their true potential due to the lack of control. We needed a better snowmobile suspension system. In 1999 we started working with Mike Hallock, and with his help and that of many other industry leaders we found great success, claiming 6-world king titles, 19 World titles and 2 X game appearances. Our motivation and experience is rooted in racing.
We continue to enjoy all forms of off road racing and Nathan still competes as a member of the Arctic Cat hill climb team. There is no better testing ground for snowmobile shocks, ATV shocks, or UTV shocks than the racetrack. That is why we support riders in multiple forms of racing. This allows us to have our products tested extensively, ensuring we provide our customers with the very best product available today.

Glenn Floyd (Head of Fabrication)

I have always believed that if man built it, I can build it better. I was introduced to the Dunes in 1995, and have always been an avid 3 & 4 wheel lover. “I dig it!” At the time I was working at Northern Valley Fabrication, a local sheet metal shop. I was running an Amada 1500 watt Laser, Amada Turret punch press & 14’ 8 axis back gauge Amada brake, among other tools. I bought an ’86 Honda ATC 250r 3 wheeler from my boss and was excited about making it my own. I started with an aluminum skid plate; I could run all the tools to build it but could not weld it. I had my boss show me how to turn on the Miller tig-welding machine and started practicing every day after work until I was good enough to weld my skid plate.
A short time later I was approached by James Godfrey about welding his snowmobile rear suspension arms after hours. For 3 ½ years I would go home from work and tig weld his rear suspension arms. This is where I learned how to weld.
During the James Godfrey years I was approached by and started welding products for Shawn Olsen of Powder Lite products, Jody Breding of Trix Tuff, Jack Harris of Harris Auto Body and at that time I also met Cam Miller. We hit it off and started building a lot of parts. Our first project was my first Banshee Chassis (frame, a-arms, steering stem and swing arm.)
Cam started H.S. Customs in 1997 and I started Chromoly Plus that same year. We started working as a team building sand drag racing chassis, suspensions and parts. We had a reputation for building sweet looking chassis that went straight down the track.
During this time Cam and I got into Harley’s and we built 6 or 7 of them for different people.
The fall of 2004 was exceptionally slow for Chromoly Plus and I started looking for alternative work. In January 2005 I started working at ZBROZ racing building the Ars Fx swing arm. After a couple months of this I was needing more to do. We started building all the other parts that we currently have today.
We have grown a lot in 4 years, we now have myself and 2 other guys working in the fabrication shop. We are always busy keeping up with what we currently build for 4 wheelers, snowmobiles and side by sides, plus all the parts we would like to build in the future.
It’s Bright and sun shiny out there! Lets Ride!!!!

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