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Vibe Rollers

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Hex Pro


To make a stand against and hopefully defeat the ever-stubborn forces of myofascial, connective tissue, and or muscle fiber disfunction...

Final Report

I have been using this product religiously for over 1 month and the results are very impressive. Daily use has eliminated the typical morning lower back ache I have had for years (unless of course I do something really stupid the day before...). The unit can either be hand held or positioned stationary. Yet another Colorado based company that delivers the real deal, and we are proud to represent. We rate this product 5 out of 5 stars. Well done Vibe Rollers!

Company Description

The HEX PRO is the only roller of its kind to replicate deep tissue and cross friction massage techniques, allowing deeper penetration into the muscle, releasing trigger points faster, with less pain, and speeding up your recovery. The compact size, ergonomic shape, unique patterning and four vibration modes make VIBE Rollers, the next generation foam roller for myofascial release and muscle activation. The HEX PRO's compact lightweight size makes it the ideal travel roller, whilst still providing whole body relief. Utilizing the latest research and tools for vibration self-myofascial release combined with exercise concepts developed over 3 decades of athletic training. Vibe brings you a system for resolving musculoskeletal pain, optimizing athletic movement and performance, and correcting joint and muscle imbalances. Check out their videos at:https://viberollers.com/pages/video

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