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Seat Concepts


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Seat Concepts Comfort Snow Seat


To keep John Q. Snowbiker from becoming a hard-ass...

Final Report

The Seat Concepts Comfort Snow Seat could position itself as the #2 most important necessity for a snowbike with #1 being the snowbike kit itself. In SnowMX, 99% of the time is spent sitting thus the need for a product that performs at or below freezing temperatures. We run them on all our shop bikes, winter or summer, without exception. Cover and foam kits available but complete seats are the norm here at Scott-Bilt Racing. Exceptional fit and finish, top-notch customer service, and proudly made in the U.S.A. We rate this product 5 out of 5 stars. Well done Seat Concepts!

*Keep in mind these units are in high demand and lead times are currently 14-18 business days.

Company Description

Seat Concepts seats are constructed using a foam material that is a much higher quality than OEM seat foam. Our proprietary formula provides a more plush and active ride, while still offering the necessary amount of support. Our unique comfort shape maintains a similar contour to stock at the front of the seat so the rider’s legs are not spread farther apart, but tapers out towards the mid-point to distribute rider weight over a greater area.

Snow Bike Information:
The cover on this model has seam tape behind all of the stitching to add to the water resistance of the seat cover.

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