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IceAge is the industry leader in replacement slide rails and other snowmobile accessories. Founded in 2005, IceAgeMFG was formed out of a need for stronger solutions for back country riders, pushing beyond the limits of their sleds. In 2011 IceAge expanded into IceAge Manufacturing and IceAge Performance. 

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Custom slide rails

For snow mx and snowmobiles, as well as other industry leading accessories

To provide stronger solutions for back country riders

Final Report

When it comes to custom, high performance, billet rails, there is Iceage Performance and......that's it! In addition to endorsing the renowned IceAge 7000 series aluminum custom billet rails (along with the majority of of RMSHA mod racers on the planet), we fully endorse IceAge billet chain case kits, anti-stab kits, and the Pro Motion rear scissor arm replacement. Their ingenuity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail is truly second to none! If you're searching for horsepower, these crazy kids are offering a nitrous kit guaranteed to make your 450 snow mx one bad mamma jamma!

Scott-Bilt Racing Status


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